We are actively researching lynching sites* and will be updating this map as we go forward with locations and material related to each confirmed lynching event. Most lynching site locations are only approximately known so the markers on the map are not exact and are meant for a general sense only. The exceptions are the People's Grocery Lynchings and the Ell Persons lynching.

*While not a perfect definition, the 1940 NAACP definition of lynching is the one that most activists used after 1940 and that most modern researchers use: “There must be legal evidence that a person has been killed, and that he met his death illegally at the hands of a group acting under the pretext of service to justice, race, or tradition.”  (Group is generally taken to mean 3 or more people.) More about the definition of lynching.

Name Datesort descending Research status

Name Unknown, Downtown Memphis 1851

(location approximate)

01/01/1851 Confirmed

Names Unknown (2), Nonconnah Bottoms, 3/21/1862

(location approximate)

03/21/1862 Need more documentation

Jeremiah Hale

(location approximate: Raleigh)

06/25/1867 Lightly documented

Frank Jones

Location approximate: Hickory Wythe.

11/18/1867 Confirmed

Names Unknown (4), Nonconnah Bottoms, 1/1868

(location approximate: Nonconnah Bottoms)

01/01/1868 Need more documentation

Christopher Bender and Bud Whitfield

Location approximate: South of Raleigh.

07/30/1868 Confirmed

Wash Henry

(location approximate: Fletcher's Creek near Bartlett)

01/18/1869 Confirmed

John W. Schofield

(location approximate: Cuba)

07/15/1870 Confirmed

John Brown

(location approximate: Woods near Collierville)

08/18/1872 Need more documentation

--- White / John West

Location approximate: Road between Raleigh and Bartlett.

04/27/1875 Need more documentation

James Eastman

(location approximate: "Hatchie River near Brunswick")

08/31/1887 Confirmed

The People's Grocery Lynchings (Thomas Moss, Will Stewart, Calvin McDowell)

In March of 1892, in a mixed race neighborhood called the Curve, near  Mississippi Blvd and Walker Avenue a white grocer named William Barrett found his business shrinking because of the success...

03/09/1892 Confirmed

Richard Neal

Rural area near Collierville (location approximate)

02/01/1893 Confirmed

Lee Walker

On July 23, 1893, Lee Walker, a black laborer from Memphis, was lynched for allegedly attempting to sexually assault two white women on the their way to town. He was hunted down and...

07/23/1893 Confirmed

Kerrville / Big Creek Bottoms lynchings (6)

Also known as the Millington Six. Their names were Warner Williams, Daniel Hawkins, Robert Haynes, Edward Hall, John Hayes, Graham White.  (6 men, location approximate; "South of Kerrville")...

08/31/1894 Confirmed

Luther Billings

(location approximate, "Rural area near Brunswick")

10/10/1905 Confirmed

Patrick Crump

(location approximate, "outskirts of Memphis")

06/02/1911 Confirmed

William Johnson (?)

 (location approximate: Wolf River bridge near Raleigh)

02/15/1912 Need more documentation

Tom Burns

Need to clarify whether Tenn. or Mississippi case.

(location approximate: Horn Lake bridge at state line)

11/03/1914 Need more documentation

Ell Persons

A Brief Version of the Lynching of Ell Persons on May 22, 1917

In May, 1917 the decapitated body of a 16 year old white girl, named Antoinette Rappel, a student at...

05/22/1917 Confirmed

Lawrence Sheppard

 (location approximate: "Intersection of Lyon and Life Streets")

09/24/1917 Need more documentation

Tommie Williams

(location approximate: "rural area near Barretville")

09/28/1927 Confirmed

Harry Ross

Rosemark (location approximate)

01/02/1933 Confirmed

Jessie Lee Bond

Jesse Lee Bond was lynched in Arlington,Tennessee on April 28, 1939 – in broad daylight, on the town square. The authorities lied about it, and the newspapers remained silent. It took more than...

04/28/1939 Confirmed